Work directly with a local shaper in Santa Cruz

Order your next board from Ben and work with him throughout the whole process.  Our goal is designing and building the board that works best for your specific style of surfing.  You should be stoked on your board every time you paddle out and that is something worth investing in.  Let's make that happen.


Why Handcrafted?

Join in the process of designing your next surfboard directly with your local shaper.  There is an amazing heritage of hand shapers here in Santa Cruz. All of our boards are shaped by Ben and professionally glassed locally by Paradise Fiberglass.  Don't just settle for a machine shaped board shipped over from Thailand, invest locally in a board the works for your specific style of surfing and where you want to surf.  You will walk through all the essential elements that go into making a board and how each aspect will work for you.

Why Custom?

Each of our handcrafted custom boards is built to order.  The value we offer is the ability to work directly with your shaper and learn the finer details of what makes a surfboard work. Having a custom board made specifically for you allows you to take the elements you like about a certain model and then make minor adjustments to really make it work for you.  We have team tested models to get you started or you can work with Ben directly from the concept to develop a completely new custom shape from scratch.  

Why Ben Kelly Surfboards?

There is no ego here. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived in Santa Cruz since the 60’s and know every surfer and ‘secret spot’ in the county or if you’re brand new in the Santa Cruz community, Ben is happy to work with you! You’ll be able to chat directly with Ben and no questions are off limits… So ask away. It is the learning along the way that makes ordering a custom board fun!  We will walk through shape size, outline, thickness, rocker, rails, bottom contours, tail shape, volume, and more and create a board that will perform.



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